NeuroWave Announces the Release of Its New Generation of NeuroSENSE Monitor

Next generation NeuroSense Display Module

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (September 2011) - NeuroWave Systems Inc. is proud to announce today the release of its new generation of NeuroSENSE® Monitor (NS-701) for brain function monitoring in anesthesia and critical care. Following the success of its first generation product, NeuroWave's engineers have developed a new monitor screen for its NeuroSENSE product. Featuring a compact 10.4" high-resolution screen, the second generation NeuroSENSE product is lighter and smaller than its predecessor. It can be easily mounted on existing medical poles and features an integrated handle for easy positioning. The new 10.4" monitor screen, and the other NeuroSENSE modules, accessories, and disposables, are fully manufactured or assembled in the US.

The new generation NeuroSENSE product also features additional software capabilities to allow users to access recorded and processed data in an easy-to-use file format. NeuroWave also continues to optimize some of the processing algorithms of its product. In particular, the NeuroSENSE now integrates a new optimized algorithm for the detection of cortical suppression in noisy recordings and for the detection of near-suppression periods during spindle activity (patents pending).

"These improvements and additional features fulfill the wishes expressed by our clients and collaborators. Our engineering and production teams have been working around the clock this year to provide our clients with the best technology in the field of neuromonitoring for anesthesia and sedation. With this new generation of NeuroSENSE product, we plan to implement an aggressive market expansion together with our distribution partners," said Tatjana Zikov, the President of NeuroWave.

The NeuroSENSE Monitor is available for sale in territories recognizing the CE Mark as well as in Canada. It is not available for sale in the US.

About NeuroWave:
NeuroWave Systems Inc.'s mission is to develop, manufacture, and market monitoring products using advanced signal processing of brain waves (electroencephalogram - EEG) and other biosignals for Neurology, Anesthesia, Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Medicine and Psychiatry applications, in order to improve patient outcome and quality of life.

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